Sunflow Wiki

Yes, I made one. I made one despite a poll that showed a pdf manual would have been preferred. I just found using a wiki so much easier to update and way faster than sourceforge when I want to remember some code block, grab a janino shader, or recall a tip someone mentioned in a post 8 months ago. I consider it totally unofficial and I’m not going to advertise it’s out there by mentioning it all the time but I will add a link on my site and I’ll point to it in my signature on the Sunflow forums. Hopefully, a new Sunflow user/developer will stumble upon it and find it useful.

What’s amusing is the addictiveness that comes with creating a wiki. I find myself constantly adding to it or tweaking it here and there. The truly daunting task will be to do the new Sunflow .sca format. Since it’s not yet finalized I’m not going to start on it, but when the next version hits I’ll scramble to get all the .sc info moved to the .sca section.

P.S. I’ve been off and on with a WIP, but I put an early version of it in the gallery.


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