Image Planes Part 2 (An Occlusion Plane)

Okay, so I went a bit off the track on this one. It’s loosely an image plane video and more of a “how to do an occlusion pass inside a shader then put it in a plane” video. So I’m not sure if I should keep it under the “image plane” heading or create some new one. Either way, this topic was a weird one I was wrestling so I did a lot of forum searches and made lots of mistakes (basically writing my VEX poorly). So I thought I would at least show my results so people could see what I found. What’s made this more interesting is looking into the different occlusion functions and trying to figure out why they differ and what they really give you.

Edit: In this video I use a subtract node to subtract the occlusion output from a constant float (1). Houdini user Jason M. pointed out that I could have used the compliment VOP instead which does the same thing in one node rather than the two I used. So remember that the compliment VOP is around!


One thought on “Image Planes Part 2 (An Occlusion Plane)”

  1. Thanks again for all these wonderful video tutorials!

    Just wanted to give credit where credit is due. “Found” the Compliment VOP at the “Creating Dust in Houdini” class at SideFX, Oct 18. The instructor was Robert Thomas.


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