Houdini Occlusion Asset

I’ve received a few requests for an asset of the occlusion inline VOP I used for the occlusion video so I thought I would put one together. I call it “Occlusion 2” mainly because it’s the second occlusion VEX function. The occlusion VOP that comes with Houdini is actually the first function which gives you occluded irradiance which is a bit different from the occlusion we’re typically used to. I bet Houdini will eventually have this second function added in VOP form, but until then you can add it with this asset.

I put a help section in the asset, though as it’s not working right now, I’ll say that there is an added output called occlusion which is basically 1-coverage. Using this removes the need for the later subtraction step I note in the video. If you would like to see the help you can right click on the VOP, go to Type Properties, then go to the Help tab.

You can find the asset here (also linked to on the tutorial page).

  1. v1: Initial Release

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