Varying Materials Using A Single Shader

Nothing ground breaking here, but for someone who is into neat little tricks to control shaders, I thought this was worth showing. What the video covers is a way to vary the materials on a single object using a single shader (differing from the usual method of using multiple shaders for different pieces of an object).  I’ll leave it at that and let the video do the talking. I’m starting to record at my screen’s native resolution (1680 x 1050) which ups the video size but I like seeing big videos.  I’m also posting these on Vimeo which I think is nice to have since you’re not always on a machine that you can download videos on.

Note: Video re-done on 5/25/2009. I thought it could be cleaner and more focused on production nuances so I re-recorded it.


2 thoughts on “Varying Materials Using A Single Shader”

  1. First! ;o)

    i saw a sticky!

    this might be interesting. combine this with a tip given in one of the HScript vids… i’m thinking 02_enviroment_variables. anyway, should be able to proceduralize the assignment of the integer param by using H’s built in node naming increment feature. then just copy and paste and you don’t have to mess with any param’s in the AttributeCreate.

    other than that, i want to go to a “safe place” too, especially in VOPs!

    great work. thanks again!


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