Mysteries of a Brom Dark Sun Image

I was looking for a high res version of a Dark Sun image and I stumbled onto this site which had several of the Dark Sun artwork by Brom that I’m already familiar with. But something there caught my eye…

I know Dark Sun well. I’m a collector of all things Dark Sun and maintain a complete collection of such material. So when I was perusing the artwork on that particular site I was surprised to find a photo of a Brom pencil that I had never seen before:

Based on the look and style it appears it was for Dark Sun in the very early days of the setting, but I have no memory of any book or Dragon article ever containing this image. Soon after seeing this image for the first time, I found that it was indeed published, but only on the cover of Polyhedron 63 with an “About the Cover” description of “Artist Gerald Brom offers us a glimpse at a DARK SUN world creature”:

This is a surprising find since it shows the TSR chose not to use every image Brom created for Dark Sun in the mainstream published material (books, Dragon Magazine, or Dungeon Magazine). Given Brom’s high level of quality and detail it’s interesting to see that one of his images can only be found on a somewhat obscure Polyhedron Newszine. Whatever the reason, it’s quite a pleasant surprise to find something new relating to Dark Sun, especially from so long ago!

Here it is from the top photo unskewed:


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