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A Baazrag By Any Other Name

In Dark Sun, there are two creatures with the name baazrag. This is their story. Continue reading A Baazrag By Any Other Name


Pachycrocuta’s Deviant Dark Sun

There is no shortage of Dark Sun art in TSR/WotC publications, but there is also no small number of freelance and personal work. While most of the latter is fairly amateurish, we occasionally are treated to an artist who is both able to produce great work as well as express the Dark Sun setting in new ways. One such artist is deviantART’s Pachycrocuta.
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John Dollar: Dark Sun’s Mystery Artist

In early 1995, Tom Baxa’s images for the Dark Sun setting were waning, and I can imagine at that time TSR needed to find illustrators that could fill the gap. There were quite a few that came and went all the way through 3.5e, though one illustrator seemed to have done quite a bit of work for the setting and then vanished: John Dollar.

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