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A Baazrag By Any Other Name

In Dark Sun, there are two creatures with the name baazrag. This is their story. Continue reading A Baazrag By Any Other Name


Defiling, A History and a Look Beyond

Defiling is arguably the most unique and recognizable aspect of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting. Though the idea of defiling is well ensconced in the mind of players, the concept and rules surrounding it have changed not only between editions, but even within editions. Here we look at defiling through the ages and leap into what we need for the future.
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Dark Sun: A History of Content

In June 1991, Dragon #170 contained a single page ad with the now familiar sun logo. I knew from this simple ad that something great was about to be released that would change the D&D experience for all time. Another teaser ad was found in Dragon 171, and full detail ad about Dark Sun found in Dragon 172. Here is the excerpt from the Dragon 171 ad:

A drama of unparalleled heroics unfolds. Through centuries of magical abuse, the once verdant Dark Sun world has become a desert wasteland, and its oasis cities are rules by decadent sorcerer-kings. In their desperate struggle for survival, three steadfast people seek to turn their world to its early splendor. So they set forth to overthrow their magic-wielding rulers and liberate their land. Little do they know of the perils standing before them….

From humble beginnings, the most unique Dungeons and Dragons setting has endured for nearly 20 years with an amazing library of content. This post covers that content and, where needed, commentary on that content.

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