Helios Distributed Rendering

Helios enables the distributed rendering of 3D models building on open source technologies that are all 100% pure Java. The rendering engine is Sunflow with the distributed computations managed by the JGrid service-oriented Grid system that uses the Jini technology as its base.

User Guide

Helios User Guide


Version 0.1.2 – full bundle (source and binary, view change log)
for JDK 1.6

for JDK 1.5

Version 0.1.2 – update from previous versions (source also included)
for JDK 1.6

for JDK 1.5

If you have a previous version installed and you want to preserve your config files than download the update only and simply write over the previous version with its content.

Download older versions

Version 0.1.1

Version 0.1

Sunflow Patch

This software kit uses a slightly modified version of Sunflow so do not overwrite the sunflow and janino JAR files with newer ones. Sunflow is compiled without the Class-Path set and should be added to the client/lib and lib-dl folder. Once compiled, you have to rebuild the client with Ant (build.xml in the client directory) because this will regenerate the lib-dl/client- wrapped-dl.jar file that contains MD5 hashes of the client-dl.jar, sunflow.jar and janino.jar files and also replaces the MD5 hashes in the starter scripts in the bin directory. Modifications to Sunflow source can be found in this diff against the Sunflow source.


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