Sunflow Renderer Wiki

sunflow_logo_negative_w-textThe Sunflow wiki was fantastic. I enjoyed building and hosting it and always like collecting information so I only have to go to one place to get it. Since Sunflow stopped being developed years ago, the wiki has not been updated in some time, and so its dynamic editing nature is not needed. Additionally, maintaining the Wikimedia back-end to ensure security patches are in place is time consuming. Still, there is traffic to the Sunflow wiki so rather than making all the information and effort put into it disappear; I have converted all the pages into a pdf. Where there are code blocks that extended beyond the page and the cut-off code is vital to its meaning or there are important files that were once linked to in the wiki, I have added these as attachments at the end of the document. There are bookmarks in the pdf to help navigate to the content desired.

PDF of the Wiki

Sunflow Wiki PDF


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