GameScience Dice Shape

Let’s revisit dice shape. After seeing the Awesome Dice study I had to acquire some GameScience dice. Not for any real reason except that they seem all the rage now-a-days. I’m not going to try to convince myself that I want dice that roll with the most consistency – because I don’t.
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d20 Dice Shape vs. Perceived Performance

I hope everyone has seen the videos of Lou Zocchi discussing dice. In the videos he argues (quite well) that typical dice are manufactured in such a way that causes them to be misshapen causing both their overall shape to not be perfectly round and their edges to be improperly rounded. He (and others) have suggested that this misshaping causes the dice to be like an egg in that the die will more often roll with the sides of the “egg” displaying rather than the poles. So I decided to do some tests of my own to see if there was any weight to this idea.
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