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Rajaat: Reskinning Cryonax

Dark Sun adventures needs more epic level action, so as a grand finale to a high level epic campaign why not pit players against the Athasian end-game?: Rajaat.

He stood twice as tall as any giant, with a crown of lightning crackling around his head. A constant crash of thunder belched forth from his fang-toothed mouth, and whenever he exhaled, billowing blue fog shot from his gaping nostrils and dissolved in a torrent of rain. His entire body was swaddled in roiling clouds the color of turquoise, and great torrents of salty water poured from the claws at the end of his gangling arms. Even his shadow was part of the tempest, causing the water to chum and froth wherever it fell.

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The Dead Land

I’ve always liked the idea of Dark Sun’s “The Dead Land” and I’ve always seen it as an oversite that the 2E and 4E settings never expanded on it. Since 4E is still going strong, Wizards of the Coast can certainly surprise me and do an article or two on this part of Athas, but who knows. Luckily, a Dark Sun fan during the 2E days put together an overview of The Dead Land and posted it online (pdf). Given the lack of Dead Land material even today, I thought I would clean up the document and add some 4E notes. Once I started though, I realized it needed a bit more than a once-over. There was content and story in the original document that didn’t make sense and some sections I saw as unnecessary. So I edited the document. Continue reading The Dead Land

Athasian Warforged

Recently, the Kraken’s Kiss arrived in Balic’s port with several items of interest beyond their usual trade of cloth and giant hair from Draj and elsewhere along the coast. While traversing the Estuary of the Forked Tongue, they came upon a skimmer wreck recently revealed after storms blew away silt from long leagues of shoreline. Hoping to find something of value from the wreck, the captain ordered his crew to investigate, but found the only thing intact on board to be a series of clay tablets upon which runes were inscribed. Not being able to read, the captain felt that some coin might be made by selling the tablets to scholars. In port, modest sums changed hands and the tablets found their way to a low level Balican Templar with an interest in ancient writings. These tablets were at first little interest to him since they were written in the common tongue of modern times. Reading the tablets however revealed that they were not only over a hundred years old, but described a journey to the ruins of Waverly. Some of the tablets were too worn to be read, but the fragments that remained told of only a single treasure deemed worthy of record. Continue reading Athasian Warforged

Heroes of the Elemental Chaos as a Dark Sun Supplement

Someone reading “Heroes of the Elemental Chaos” might immediately think of it as a companion supplement to “The Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos”. And that is certainly the case in many respects since many of the topics are focused on the Elemental Chaos rather than any particular setting. However, it’s no surprise that the Elemental Chaos has a place in the Dark Sun setting since a portion of the setting revolves around the elements, both in the prevalence of elemental beings and how mortals utilize elemental power. The 4e Dark Sun Campaign Setting even goes so far as to note its connection with the Elemental Chaos with references to the primordial Ul-Athra as well as describing portals to the Plane Below (e.g. Dhuurghaz: The largest island in the Road of Fire).
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Dark Sun: A History of Content

In June 1991, Dragon #170 contained a single page ad with the now familiar sun logo. I knew from this simple ad that something great was about to be released that would change the D&D experience for all time. Another teaser ad was found in Dragon 171, and full detail ad about Dark Sun found in Dragon 172. Here is the excerpt from the Dragon 171 ad:

A drama of unparalleled heroics unfolds. Through centuries of magical abuse, the once verdant Dark Sun world has become a desert wasteland, and its oasis cities are rules by decadent sorcerer-kings. In their desperate struggle for survival, three steadfast people seek to turn their world to its early splendor. So they set forth to overthrow their magic-wielding rulers and liberate their land. Little do they know of the perils standing before them….

From humble beginnings, the most unique Dungeons and Dragons setting has endured for nearly 20 years with an amazing library of content. This post covers that content and, where needed, commentary on that content.

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Shroud Assassin Handbook

I am a huge fan of D&D 4E’s Assassin class from Dragon Magazine (not to be confused with the Essentials Executioner subclass found in Dragon and “Heroes of Shadow”). The original assassin, which I call the “Shroud Assassin” is far more interesting to play.

As it is a D&DI only class and there is no print version that collects all the information into a single source, I’ve compiled all the pdf’s dealing with the Shroud Assassin into what I call “The Shroud Assassin’s Handbook”. Here is a list of the Dragon Magazine articles that have been published to date that deal with this fantastic class: