John Dollar: Dark Sun’s Mystery Artist

In early 1995, Tom Baxa’s images for the Dark Sun setting were waning, and I can imagine at that time TSR needed to find illustrators that could fill the gap. There were quite a few that came and went all the way through 3.5e, though one illustrator seemed to have done quite a bit of work for the setting and then vanished: John Dollar.

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I always liked Dragon Magazine 197’s cover. It’s a Brom painting that doesn’t seem to fit with the D&D of that time, nor is it exactly a Dark Sun image. It also uses quite a unique color palette where Brom is concerned. Beyond the unique look, the title is worth a mention.
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The Dead Land

I’ve always liked the idea of Dark Sun’s “The Dead Land” and I’ve always seen it as an oversite that the 2E and 4E settings never expanded on it. Since 4E is still going strong, Wizards of the Coast can certainly surprise me and do an article or two on this part of Athas, but who knows. Luckily, a Dark Sun fan during the 2E days put together an overview of The Dead Land and posted it online (pdf). Given the lack of Dead Land material even today, I thought I would clean up the document and add some 4E notes. Once I started though, I realized it needed a bit more than a once-over. There was content and story in the original document that didn’t make sense and some sections I saw as unnecessary. So I edited the document. Continue reading “The Dead Land”