The Afback

The 1995 FPG Brom cards continue to delight! As there are connections to be made, there are also Brom works meant for Dark Sun to be found, such as on the “The Affront” card.

FPG-05-The Affront

Any Dark Sun enthusiast knows this image to be the cover of the 2e sourcebook “Slave Tribes” (and an insert in the 2e Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium and Complete Gladiator Handbook). As I have noted previously, the backs of the FPG Brom cards have a description of the work from Brom himself as well as a sketch version of the image that’s on the front with only 4 exceptions (out of 89 cards). In the case of The Affront, the back has a markedly different image from the front.

I’ve mused before that the back images of these cards that aren’t sketch versions of the front could be either an inspiration for the front image or perhaps of the same subject. In this case however, the images are so different I can only surmise that here too we find an image that may have been intended for Dark Sun (along with 1, 2, and 3) but never made the cut.

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