Monsters for Dark Sun Dungeon World

There is talk, or rather a phenomenon, of “The Lazy DM” whereby DMing is made simpler in planning and execution. One facet of this is reskinning monsters already published to meet a game’s need, and it is a noble tradition to carry on. Here is a reskinning or posting as written Dark Sun themed monsters. It doesn’t have all the monsters found in Dungeon World nor does it preclude their inclusion into a game, but I needed a set for many adventures and so here we are.

As I know Dark Sun monsters well and how they should behave, I don’t give much more than was already there before the reskinning. For example, one might make quite a write-up for the gaj based on what we’ve seen it could do in The Verdant Passage. Here though we have a simple description of mindtouch and pincers but no description of its gaseous defenses. So why not include all that extra information? Simplicity for one, keeping with the Dungeon World concept, but also because I adapt when needed. Trying to get underneath the gaj? Yeah, you’re going to run into problems other than mindtouch.

Other details of the Dungeon World monsters I kept for certain monsters. For instance, I turned the Dungeon World orcs into the gith and kept the flavor of hordes sailing the silt sea and raiding. I found the conversion of orcs to gith and keeping the orc concepts in the write-ups added a depth to gith not seen in 2e or 4e.

For use with Dungeon World

Dark Sun Dungeon World Monsters (pdf)
Dark Sun Dungeon World Monsters (docx)

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