Draxan Root Words

Dark Sun’s “Valley of Dust and Fire” (1992) by Richard Baker massively expands our knowledge of Ur Draxa and the surrounding lands. It also expands on Draxan culture with a variety of words used and defined to show how the Draxan people are organized and are part of a warrior culture. These words aren’t random but have consistent roots that can be extracted and thus give some possibility of creating other Draxan words from them or at least have new words follow the same style and format.

Taking the words found in the supplement, Draxan words can consist of a prefix, root, defining suffix, and up to three rank suffixes. Below I will note those root words and prefixes/suffixes derived from the text and their meaning.

Root Words

  • tsai: clan
  • kai: dead/death
  • arda(n)*: city
  • karda(n): sector
  • char: Draxan military
  • ke: art
  • ka*: out(side)

Defining Suffix or Prefix

  • shai: war/martial spirit

Defining Suffix

  • shar: lord
  • kyla: part
  • dar: arena
  • dan: champion
  • red: village
  • ‘*: of

Rank Suffixes

  • Rank (if used, in the following order)
    1. dra: military company
    2. ga: greater/highest rank
    3. ma: leader
  • i: people
  • a: military regiment

Word Breakdown

Based on the above, the construction of Draxan words becomes clear. Here is the expansion of the root word “char”:

  • char (Draxan military) + dra (company): Chardra, a city company
  • char (Draxan military) + dra (company) + ga (greater): Chardraga, a legion of the Draxan army
  • char (Draxan military) + dra (company) + ma (leader): Chardrama, a company Leader
  • char (Draxan military) + dra (company) + ga (greater) + ma (leader): Chardragama, a legion commander

And no breakdown would be complete without exploring the components of “kaisharga”:

  • kai (dead/death) + shar (lord) + ga (greater/highest rank): Kaisharga, a dead lord of the highest rank

*On the Ka’Ardani

The Ka’Ardani are noted in the supplement as an outlander/exile. From this and the word kardan (sector), it might be inferred that “ardan” is the comprehensive term for the city as Ka’Ardani are outside of it both literally and figuratively. It might then be construed that “ka” may be simply “out” or “outside”. So what’s with the ” ‘ “? Let’s just go with it meaning “of” since a clan name (Mu’An) also makes use of it. So the following might be a possible break down:

  • ka’ (out) + ‘ (of) + ardan (city) + i (people)

If this is the case, we have an interesting glimpse into the Draxan psyche. The idea of being of the city as a defining aspect of self and belonging to the Draxan culture appears paramount, and any person outside it, be they outsider or exile, makes that group alien in nature.

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